Keys to Success

Keys to Success: How do YOU measure success?


Keys to success

There are as many definitions to success there are roads to a destination. But like a destination, success needs a defined goal. How well do you know yourself, and how well do you know your beliefs? Do you know what your biggest obstacle is in getting to where you want to go?


Keys to Success: Financial success.

Do you measure success financially? And does that translate into a goal? Do you have a destination? Or are you floating down the river of work,o a bottom line income? Investments? Or are you financially successful when you have a steady job? If this is how you measure success, do you have a plan for investments, or are you waiting for magical thinking and a lottery ticket to bail you out?


Keys to Success: Satisfying relationshipsKeys to success

Do you measure success by your relationships? Do you get along well with your spouse/significant other, do you have way to work out/compromise that doesn’t always end the same way, doing the same dance, over and over again. Do you have a practice to work through resentments? Are you able to express what you need? Listen appropriately and not get caught up in whatever drama is going on in their lives and not take it on?


Keys to Success: Spiritual fulfillment

Keys to Success

Do you measure success  by how happy you are?  Or, does success make you happy? And if so, do you know what makes you happy?

What is Spiritual Success?  Do you know your what your work is on the planet? Have you found your connection to a greater purpose that provides meaning in your life? One of the important developments in early adulthood, is to connect with that what it is that makes your hair stand on end…That gives meaning and joy to everyday life.


Keys to Success: Self-awareness

Self Awareness is the term used for knowing yourself. How conscious are you of your own thoughts, feelings and actions? Thoughts are continuous, and are mostly on autopilot, but they drive our feelings and actions.

Keys to SuccessThink of the last time your thoughts did a spin-out, only to find that when you got the facts, you were a little off track.

Now, some beliefs are conscious, and they are known. Everyone believes certain things in life, the laws of science and physics are written in stone, so to speak. But we also have many beliefs shaped by our culture, our family system, and out country, that play a part in the decisions we make in life, without realizing why we are doing what we are doing.



Keys to success: Spiritual Laws

Keys sto success

Did you know that there are Spiritual laws that are just as real, powerful and also written in the proverbial stone? These have much more to do with success than you might think. Spiritual beings are subject to spiritual laws. The law of cause and effect, the law of rhythm, the law of gender, the law of reciprocity. There are many and I will write on those in a post that’s coming soon.




Keys to Success: Emotional laws of fear and laziness

What part does fear play in your strive for success? Fear can show up as people-pleasing. I have to do everything for this and that person, for fear that they might no ‘like’ me, or worse, get angry with me. Fear can also show up as anxiety. What if I do this and this…and it does not work. Thinking it into an immobilizing fear, without objective evidence.

Floating down a stream towards success will land you eventually in the ocean. But is that where you intended to go?  Bolstered by the banks of rivers, boulders, and under-currents, you have little control over your destination unless you are paying attention to the sign posts along the way. Laziness can show up as idleness. But it is not the same thing. We work hard, to create time for idleness. Time to rest and re-create out selves. Time to be.

We raise our children, teaching them how to survive in the world. We teach them to hold hands crossing a street, to ask the teacher for help if they don’t understand an assignment. We teach them (hopefull) to be respectful of others, to chew with their mouth closed. But where do we learn the principles of success?



Keys to Success: Preparationkeys to success

It is a well known documented-researched fact that when you know what is coming, you can prepare, and get through it better, whether is it storm preparedness training, or a job that you are told will be ending. In study after study, test subjects who were prepared for an unpleasant stimulus, fared better than those that were surprised. How resilient are you? Do you have the support and resources to handle adversity? It’s like the sailor who goes out onto the sea on a long voyage. There will be storms. He knows that. He is prepared. The storms didn’t get together and decided to gang up on him. It’s just part of sailing. It’s not personal to him. Life happens. When we are prepared, we sail better through adversity.

If you know yourself well, can you connect to your Higher Self and access Keys to successwisdom, love, abundance? In the middle of chaos, can you find that peaceful place. It is not easy to do, but if you train yourself to breathe, concentrating on you breath and connecting to your Higher Self, you are much more likely to connect with love and wisdom, and not react from your own pain and dysfunction.

As you contemplate these keys to success, know that there is room at the top for you too! If you are looking for an income that then would allow you to engage in your Sacred Purpose in life I invite you to take a look at this site.

Come back soon for a discussion on Universal Laws!

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